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About BONE

BONE is back! And the band never really strayed too far...or did they? This iteration of the band could technically be known as BONE III, but that's just a matter of semantics, we suppose. And who's counting? We'll save that for a "Band History" section. The current line-up is listed below as we continue to add fresh content and features here and expand our social media presences, as well. We'll keep our old site, for the time being, but will will be the official webste.

BONE rocked the Wasatch Front and beyond for a quarter-century from the mid 80s to the early 2000s before finally disbanding. After a decade or so hiatus, a new edition was formed and deciding to reclaim the name, notoriety and all it stood for, going forward. BONE would best be described as a Classic Rock cover band, but they deviate from that musical genre label by "playing a little bit of everything" and enjoying the freedom to have an absolute blast with the fantastic crowds at each and every venue they play, every time out!

While most performances take place in some great Utah nightclubs, this versatile group of accomplished musicians is prime for any occasion or event -- "Music for All Seasons" so to speak, being no strangers to festivals, wedding receptions, private and company parties, special events -- you name it! There will be a ton of demos added to this site, but that's never the same as seeing the band live, and we invite you to do so the next chance you get! And BONE would love the opportunity to play for you!

Preston Kofoed

Bass & Vocals

Preston is one of the founding members of the original version of BONE and is the band's workhorse. He has also assumed the role of the band's manager, for most intents and purposes, by securing gigs, acting as our informational clearinghouse, visiting venues & making calls.

James "Cookie" Young

Guitar & Vocals

Cookie is also a member of the original BONE. This cat flat loves to play and it shows! He wows crowds everywhere BONE plays, matching many of the world's most acclaimed guitarists note for note. Everyone agrees he should sing more and he's beginning to do so.

Grady Garrard

Keyboards & Vocals

To say BONE was fortunate to snare the talents of Grady, a one-time member of BONE, who had most recently been in a terrific Pink Floyd cover band is an understatement. This guy can play anything and reproduces sounds of keyboard & synthesizer greats to a tee!

Rett Christensen

Drums & Vocals

Rett was the last drummer with the original iteration of BONE, but that was well over 15 years past. Preston and Cookie had tried to bring Rett back on board many times for all he brings to a band, but the timing was off. Fortunately, he finally was able to say "Yes!"

Mark Madia


Mark is now the lone member of BONE from Wyoming. He originally met the band in the mid 80s in his hometown of Evanston at the Whirl Inn, where the band often played and he was the club's DJ. Mark also handles much of the multimedia & online promotional efforts for BONE.

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What Our Fantastic Clients SAY!

“Sensational Variety and All of Them Sing!”

“My guess is, these guys could pull off virtually anything! 'Won't Get Fooled Again' to a Tee! 'Comfortably Numb' and 'Nights In White Satin', are you kidding me? 90's stuff like Spin Doctors, Collective Soul, 3 Doors Down, Sublime... 80's 'The Breakup Song,' 'Tom Petty,' 'Romantics' 'Styx,' Santana, (70s, 80s & 2000s!) 70s -- ELP, Badfinger, Clapton, CCR, Doobie Bros. 60s 'Hendrix'. 'Beatles.; 'Happy Together' and So Much More!

“Saw these guys at The Royal and knew they were the real deal! Brought some pals to watch 'em at Barbary Coast. They nknew right away, I wasn't overselling it -- BONE Flat Rocks!


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