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It's hard to believe I've had the pleasure of rocking with BONE for the past 30 years, albeit, with some extended hiatuses. As the club DJ at the old Whirl Inn, I would start to warm up the crowd with two marble-top Kenwood turntables from the booth around 7:30, prior to bands taking the stage around 9 PM -- 45 minute sets, then I'd cover the 15-minute breaks. Club DJ to Radio DJ to Mobile DJ to Emcee, and I was fortunate to sing with a number of great bands!

BONE and an Evanston-based band, Zolton, became the two "house band" favorites, playing the Whirl once a month, sometimes more. Zolton went through some personnel changes, and eventually disbanded, probably due to members leaving the E-Town, when the Oil Boom went bust. I had an open invitation to sing with BONE as a guest vocalist and did so, a time or two, before relocating to Casper to broaden my horizons in the radio broadcasting biz. from 1993 to 1995. 

Prior to relocating to Casper, I had spent some time jamming with a band started by Rob Dunning, with his brother, Mort, Anthony Elardi, Terry & Rick Morton and Tracy Brown.

Later, I believe May through September of 1989 and 1990, (though it could have been 1990 & 1991) I was invited to become the lead vocalist for "Power Drive" by my pal, Mel Orchard, to join him on guitar and vocals, along with the Dayton Bros., Mike on keyboards (and everything else) and Greg on drums, with Pete Proffit on bass. Power Drive changed to "The Basement Bandits," since most of our rehearsals took place in Rex & Katie Dayton's basement; they were very supportive of the sons' musical pursuits. We could have used some more vocal power in Power Drive, as Mel & I did almost all of the singing, but without a true lead guitar, we were able to pull off some pretty impressive cover versions and a couple of very good originals.

So, I had kind of lost touch with the BONE boys, having our own band in Evanston and then moved to Casper, where my singing was relegated to hosting karaoke at Armor's Silver Fox Lounge, which was a blast -- they had a great selection and I was able to fulfill some bucket list items in singing songs I'd always wanted to sing with a band, but couldn't, because these tunes were not performed by bands I'd sang with. 

We became quite versatile in Power Drive, but not to the level of BONE, but then again, BONE was a full-time band comprised of very accomplished musiciains who had played together for decades, wher Power Drive

I returned to Evanston


Favorite Bands

Top 10

1. Queen
1. Electric Light Orchestra
3. Boston
4. Kansas
5. Toto
6. The Beatles
7. Pat Benatar
8. Van Halen
9. The Cars
10. Styx


Musically & Others

My Grandpa, Mark Elmer
Parents, Dave & Patsy Madia
Robert Dallas Price
Dr. Karly Way
Dennis Miller
Abraham Lincoln
Sen. Alan Simpson
Homer Simpson
David Letterman
Brad Pierce
Rich Bircumshaw
Dave Walsh
Eleanor Roosevelt
Gina Madia Mazzucola


I Love...

Music, Sports, History, Technology, Travel, Psychology, Singing, Acting,
Voice-Acting, Emceeing,
Entertaining, Writing, Multimedia, Photography,
Videography, Road Trips,
Dark Chocolate, Pittsburgh Steelers, Utah Jazz, Wyoming Cowboys & Cowgirls

Best Concerts

Who, When & Where

Nazareth in a relatively small club in Rock Springs known as Killpeppers around 1996.

Pat Benatar @ Rainbow Music Hall in Denver, 1980

Linda Ronstadt in Memorial Field House in Laramie, 1981

Heart @ "Park West" 1984

Guilty Pleasures

I'll Admit To...

GH -- General Hospital
        ~ 30+ Year Fan

The Partridge Family

Flea Markets & Pawn Shops

Social Media

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My Favorite Songs
to Perform

The Breakup Song
Long Train Running
Don't Tell Me You Love Me

Dream Band

My Selections...

Male Vocalist: Freddie Mercury
Female Vocalist: Pat Benatar
Guitar: Neil Geraldo
Guitar: Eddie Van Halen
Bass: Chris Squire
Drums: Jeff Porcaro
Keyboards: Billy Joel
Various: Jeff Lynne
Vocals: Sammy Hagar

Little Known Facts

People Might Be Surprised To Discover...

1. I could swim before I could walk.
2. I can walk on my hands.
3. I have announced over a thousand sports events "on the air"

Bucket List

What I Want/Need
To Do

1. Visit All 50 US States
2. Voice an Animated Cartoon
3. Perform at an Unforgettable     Venue or Event with BONE
4. Sky-Dive
5. "The One That Got Away"
6. Extensive Train Travel, whether in US or abroad.


These Are a Few of My Favorite Online Things...
Evanston Red Devils

Wild Card

Crushes I've Had/Have

Nancy Sinatra
Maureen McCormick
Pamela Sue Martin
Sophia Loren
Raquel Welch
Shelly Long
Pat Benatar
Sheryl Crow